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It all starteD...

...out on the roof one day. Finding the heart and courage to begin. Here's to the spirit of a beginner's mind - unobstructed, pure, from the heart without expectations.  I hope we'll be able to keep this spirit alive.

AUG 2017

So much music had been happening since our last post in March (though kind of quietly -- piano lessons, guitar lessons, lots of love, lots of doubt). Here is a sketch of a new song that 'arrived' recently. I only share it because I find it hopeful. Something that has been helping me through what feels like turbulent times (for many of us!). "All shall be well" everyone -- please be patient and hang in there.

MAR 2017 (almost!)

I am reading Petrarch's Rime Sparse, watching paper particles come together and clouds passing in the sky and it made me thing of this song, CLOUDS, by Quasi, played by Elliott Smith that I hope to learn someday.


Molecules disipate, disperse and recoagulate
Breath in and out, there is nothing more
I am mist, you are steam, we are clouds
We are drifting away, drifting away
to one of many heavens where blue light prevails
We dream perfect music, we hang from our tails
to one of many hells and sharpen up our horns
Plotting our revenge by waiting to be born
Particles of light, particles of matter
come together for an instant...
then scatter.

FEB 2017

It has been a lonely winter in the music studio. Here is a cover of this song, Tachycardia, again, solo by the gray wall. Trying to keep the spirit and momentum of this space alive.

I've been experiencing my own version of tachycardia lately. It was so strong yesterday, I had to sing to get myself back to this world. It made me realize what I love so much in the poetry in this song is that the divine shows up in the lyrics of the 3rd verse.

New old discovery here. Really digging this just released set of old tunes by Gillian Welch and Dave Rawlings: Boots No. 1: The Official Revival Bootleg

There's a hundred bluebirds
Up above the clouds
Putting all the color in the sky
Twice as many tear drops
There to wash it down
Everyone's another lullaby
But there's only one and only
Who could go and leave me lonely...



Tachycardia Day in the front room: Friends keeping each other sane here. What would we do without this outlet? Turning visions (this time of harmonica playing) into reality. Or is this all a dream?


What are we listening to? Check out this poetic album that will be released Oct 14 -- new songs by this talented songwriter: Conor Oberst, Ruminations.

Everyone looks so amazed


Here's our latest new music discovery -- this beautiful album debut by Lauren Arrow, It's Happening! Such great songs, lyrics, vocals, and musicians. Love them all and love that they are local from the North Bay.

Each song has such a great message. I especially love track 01 Oh No! where Lauren's collaborative nature shines through and I am endlessly mesmerized with track 09 Unfolding which has such an uplifting reminder for us: 

Let her grow. Let her unfold. Let yourself be lost in the mystery, nothing to hold. Please forgive me for forgetting your life & love are always with me.

01 Oh No!
02 Body
03 You Have A Choice
04 Somehowww
05 Year Of The Horse
06 Carrots & Peas

07 Conspirator
08 Queen B
09 Unfolding
10 Ashes
11 Coming Home


I have always dreamed of making music with other musicians. This Studio Love space is teaching me that dreams can become reality when you pay attention, stay open and take small progressive steps outside your comfort zone. 

And to me, magic is what happens when you start to see something from your spirit take shape in your everyday physical world. Here is a little magic that happened in a recent improv practice session:

Everyone doing their own thing here. Concentrating on finding and feeling the soul in the melody of this beautiful song, Atoll, by The Turning Light.