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On beginnings: Letter to Studio Love


Dear Studio Love,

I feel so honored that you found all of us. For me, it feels like there has always been a space for you that's been waiting to be filled. All those times I didn't feel quite complete or right about this life. I think I always knew you were going to find me eventually.

I know you are still gestating -- I don't know what or who you'll become over time. And I'm sure there will be many bumps along the way -- more doubt, uncertainty, fear, failure. But one thing I will never do is let you forget the spirit in which you are conceived. Whether we accomplish all we hope or not, I believe in you fully. I will always believe in you.

You have already touched many of us with your message of hope, beauty, awareness, collaboration, and activism. As you enter this physical world, which can be cruel, mean, messy and perplexing, I want you to know I will always do my best to remind you of your enduring spirit and the roots from where you come.

You will never be alone. I will be here supporting you with my loving breath, heart and touch.

Arlene Kim Suda

Arlene SudaStudio Love