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On magic places in the Bay Area


Love and trust in action.

Those are the words that come to mind when I think about Ramini Mozzarella near Tomales Bay and the recent tour we took of their ranch where water buffalo are raised and buffalo mozzarella cheese is made by loving hands.

The owner, Audrey Hitchcock, is a force of nature. She has created a space that feels so sacred and so powerful -- fueled by love for the animals, for her late husband, for the land and nature's cycles, and for her craft. It is definitely worth checking out one of her tours (Sat, 2-4p) to learn more about her and her husband's story which is full of love and patient determination.

One of my hopes for this Studio Love space is to help all of us start to pay attention, listen to and believe in our dreams -- no matter how off the beaten path and unpredictable they may sound -- so they can grow with the possibility to become real like this one.