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Arlene Kim Suda



CURRENT PROJECTS  In the quiet places of life, there have been some art projects brewing that feel ready to be born into words…that beautiful transformation of a thought to an idea to words that Olafur Eliasson so eloquently writes about:

...where the known and the unknown meet, where reality and dreams intertwine. This is the space where negotiations take place, where you realize that reality is relative – that you can change what is real. This is also where words start to arrive…
— from Nothingness is Not Nothing at All

Maybe the arrival of spring (it's now past mid-summer already!) will bring the needed hope to transform some of my nervousness and caution and love into magic again. Here’s a preview of what has been brewing in my silence:

1. An imagined land art project: what lies beneath?
2. Papermaking: preserving culture and connection
3. The color of music
4. Gratitude blooming

Stay tuned for more…



Were it not for shadows, there would be no beauty

NOV 11 - 12: Come see art by Arlene Kim Suda and the architects at Blue Truck and join us in praise of shadows at SF Open Studios, 1890 Bryant St, where over 100 artists will be showing work over the weekend.

For a full description of the Shadows of Sound exhibit, check out the latest Studio Love blog entry.


Impromptu in E-flat Major D. 946
(Franz Schubert)

2017, sumi ink on paper, 14 x 11 inches each