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winter blooms


The leaves have officially fallen but the lemons are about ready to harvest. Nature and its cycles of life, decay, death and renewal truly amaze us. The plants in the garden are still speaking to us!

We are so grateful for those that participated in the HiveQuest December Gratitude Challenge and for those that have been using the Gratitude Blooming card deck. Your wisdom and openness and growth continue to amaze us too. We have lots planned for the start of the New Year including a reminder to allow yourself to care for yourself, rest, hibernate, or find whatever space you can carve out for yourself as the days remain short and we notice the waning of the sun's heat here in our neck of the woods.

Take a look at a few projects on our calendar. Looking forward to continuing this journey together!

Belinda and Arlene

Develop a daily gratitude practice for yourself 

placeholder for Ciaran's story; Liz's yoga story

cultivate a gratitude practice with a group of family, friends, co-workers, community, etc 

placeholder for women's circles, wine party, gratitude challenge

SAVE THE DATE for another group gratitude challenge: JANUARY 23, 2016

Send us a note if you would like to join us and we'll provide instructions on how to get started! To see more about our online challenge experience, check out the HiveQuest website.

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Here is a calendar of events and messages from the plants in our card of the week series.