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April 24 to May 8, 2017

This challenge is generously sponsored by Tina, founder of The Soul Purpose, a consulting company that specializes in dialogue and collective intelligence facilitation to help surface the potential that is blocked by unconscious, counterproductive patterns of behavior.

We will be featuring cards from the Gratitude Blooming Card Deck to guide us on this challenge. To purchase your own deck, check out the HiveQuest site:


Welcome in this spring season with a boost of vitality and creativity for hatching your new or emerging ideas! During our 3-week gratitude journey, we will receive 2 missions each week inspired by the themes of joy, presence, and discovery to help awaken to our fullest potential. Each mission features original drawings by San Francisco artist, Arlene Kim Suda, capturing the quiet messages she received from plants while sketching in her garden.

Finding your own authentic voice and story can be a powerful form of self-empowerment and witnessing other participants' voices can also be such a supportive act of love. The focus of this challenge is to exchange wisdom that comes to us when we make time to notice how gratitude shows up in our lives. Could a message that you receive also be a message for someone else in our community? Why not share it and see what happens?

During our last Gratitude Challenge, a poem (shown below) emerged from a mission on tenacity. We were so inspired by how coherent and free this collective voice was (the poem includes lines from 10 different contributors!) that we decided to include a special bonus mission in the last week of this challenge to invite our community to write a poem together on themes that arise throughout the challenge.

Looking forward to witnessing the stories of gratitude and poetry you all have to share!

Belinda, Melissa and Arlene


on Tenacity

A group poem from our last challenge
February 2017

Tenacity creates beauty
It’s through the depth
and expansiveness of creation
that beauty, creativity
and transformation
can truly happen
But sometimes
my tenacity wears thin
The impatient part of me
wants to achieve faster
craving immediate progress
and instant gratification

But living a life truly worth living
is a big undertaking
and can not be rushed
So I’ve been making greater effort
to take care of myself
so I don’t get burned out
and to find out what it will take
to love and accept myself
and attempt to understand
how the pieces fit together
It has been a very
enlightening practice
Tenacity is resiliency
with just a touch of ferocity
The dandelion grows
without us tending to its needs
But what does it really mean
to put that into practice
on a daily basis?
Not always so easy!
It’s starting to mean that I must
pay attention to where I am
Allowing room to breathe into
what might want to come next
I seem to be able
to keep moving forward
One foot in front of the other
Staying open and curious
Prioritizing my purpose above all else:
a huge capacity for love

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