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Gratitude Blooming Series

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The Tenacity Mission

Find a quiet place to be still with yourself for the next few minutes. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Contemplate or journal about the significance of this question: 

CARD 06 TENACITY (dandelion): Can you appreciate the time and effort required to nurture the things you truly love?

Notes from the artist: I noticed this dandelion during a stay at a friend’s place in Mt. Shasta. It felt so self-assured, confident and strong. Once it caught my eye, I couldn’t stop noticing its raw, resilient beauty in the zany curves of its leaves, its thick, spikey flower petals, the bud ready to bloom as its other flower is starting to fade, even its fresh, bitter fragrance. It really seemed to say - “Hey - look, I’m here! Just give me a little space and I’m ready to fight, stand my ground and to grow and bloom to my best potential.”

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