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Gratitude Blooming Series

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The Infinite Possibility Mission

Find a quiet place to be still with yourself for the next few minutes. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Contemplate or journal about the significance of this reflection question:

CARD 27 INFINITE POSSIBILITY (delphinium): Try seeing and being grateful for all the possibilities that can emerge from living with life’s uncertainties. What message or insight arises for you from reflecting on this drawing or from something you notice in the natural world around you?

Notes from the artist: This drawing was inspired by watching an open rehearsal of the New Century Chamber Orchestra in San Francisco in 2015. In my studio after the performance, the word devotion kept coming up for me when I thought of the musicians in the orchestra and the original composers of the music, and then I came across this delphinium in a flower arrangement and found a reference connecting the flower to the concept of infinite possibility. It made me realize that what I love so much about great artists is that by being so devoted to their work (even in the face of so much uncertainty and oftentimes turmoil too) they end up expanding possibilities for the rest of us.

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