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Gratitude Blooming Series

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The Harmony/Balance Mission

Find a quiet place to be still with yourself for the next few minutes. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Contemplate or journal about the significance of these questions:

CARD 30 HARMONY & BALANCE (geranium):  Can you see the harmony that arises from making peace with your choices? What messages or reminders about balance and harmony do you notice in the nature surrounding you?

Notes from the artist: Color experiments led me to connect this flower to the words harmony and balance. For some reason, in a color version of this sketch, I felt called to try juxtaposing warm cool colors (red/violet blues) with cool warm colors (blue green/yellows). It felt amazing that such harmony, balance and beauty could arise from colors that almost seem discordant. The words felt fitting for the geraniums that grow with such ease and grace in so many different colors in my garden. 

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