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Gratitude Challenge Feb 2017




february 6-17, 2016

We will be featuring 6 cards from the Gratitude Blooming Card Deck to guide us on this challenge. To purchase your own set of cards, check out Arlene's Etsy site:


Gain greater clarity, courage, and support to actualize your intentions and dreams for 2017

Self-expression can be a form of empowerment and a powerful way for people to connect. Join the HiveQuest Gratitude Challenge to share your story in a space with other like-hearted souls while also practicing to listen as an act of love. During our 2-week gratitude challenge, we will collectively receive 3 missions each week to enter this new year with fresh perspectives and open hearts.

Each mission features original drawings from San Francisco artist, Arlene Kim Suda, and captures her stories of the quiet messages she received from plants and flowers while sketching in her garden.

The focus of this challenge is to explore how the themes of growth, friendship, trust, harmony & balance, tenacity and possibility are connected to how we practice gratitude in our lives. Through the challenge, we encourage all of you to exchange stories and the wisdom that comes to you. Could a message or insight you receive also help someone else in our community? Why not share it and see what happens?

Looking forward to doing this journey together!

Belinda and Arlene

What does a HiveQuest challenge look like? You will need to provide your email to sign up to join the HiveQuest community. Once your account is set up, you will receive email prompts for each of the 6 missions of this 2-week challenge that you can do at your own pace.


What does the winter season make you notice in your life right now? 


"It is quite rare for me to completely let go and be vulnerable. This year I've been learning about the importance of being your raw self, even when it's dark and messy and chaotic."  - Nayad

Notice and give thanks to someone who has shown their vulnerability to you.


Here is a preview of the missions and calendar planned for this February:

Please send us a note if you have any questions!

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