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Gratitude Challenge - Dec 2016



DECEMBER 12-23, 2016


Join us for an online gratitude challenge. During our 2-week gratitude journey together, we will collectively receive 3 missions each week inspired by different flowers guiding us to express gratitude in new and curious ways. Each mission features original drawings from San Francisco artist, Arlene Kim Suda, and captures her stories of the quiet messages she received from the plants and flowers while sketching in her garden. 

The focus of this challenge is to exchange stories and wisdom that come to us along the way. Could a message that you receive also be a message for someone else in our community? Why not share it and see what happens? 

If you have the Gratitude Blooming card deck, you are also welcome to pick a card at random and share your special message from the natural world. The cards are designed to help transform thoughts into action by giving us an invitation to reflect on and embody emotions connected to gratitude. Or spend time noticing the plants around you and share the messages that come directly to/through you.

Looking forward to this journey together!

Belinda and Arlene

Send us a note if you would like to join us and we'll provide instructions on how to get started! To see more about our online challenge experience, check out the HiveQuest website.

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Here is a preview and behind the scenes look at each of the drawings used in the December Gratitude Challenge. Click on a day, to see what our community is being invited to reflect on.