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Join our #gratitudeblooming project where we are exploring new ways to cultivate gratitude with a set of 36 cards of plant and flower drawings. The cards are designed to help transform thoughts into action by giving us an invitation to reflect on and embody emotions connected to gratitude. Pick a card at random to receive a special message from the natural world -- and share a photo with your card if you feel inspired! 


CARD 33 GROWTH (grapevine): Can you be grateful for the opportunities that allow you to grow, no matter how difficult they can be?

Notes from the artist: This grapevine in my garden was planted before we moved in and has produced fruit only once since we’ve been here (just last year). Every year, I have to prune the vine back because it grows so vigorously. This drawing was made from a pruned branch. For me, this grapevine brought an awareness of nature’s innate desire to grow and also a message about the necessary cycles of growth and pruning. Sometimes how we choose to ‘prune’ or ‘tame’ our growth can be just as important as the growth itself. What do you need in order to cultivate an environment around you where you are able to grow to your fullest potential?