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Week 2



CARD 14 DESTINY (pasqueflower): What is something you feel called to do? Try to notice what makes you come alive.

About the drawing: This drawing was the first in a series inspired by stories my father told me about flowers he remembers from his hometown. I drew this image from a photo of a Korean pasqueflower which based on folklore is also called “grandmother flower”. As the drawing came to life, I felt it had a strong likeness to a spider (the spider in Louise Bourgeois’ famous Maman sculpture came to mind) and the message the flower seems to “say” to me was: pay attention to your destiny.

I do believe the concept of destiny is powerful, terrifying and beautiful all at once. The birth of our physical and spiritual selves into this world is a miracle made possible by both our actual mothers and also from the more elusive archetypal symbol of mother – our destiny.

Can gratitude for and awareness of our destiny help us pay attention to what we feel called to do and what makes us come alive so we can live our life to its truest potential despite how terrifyingly beautiful it can feel at times? 

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